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On 1/27/24 we had a lovely litter from Foxy with a red tri female, red tri male, and a black tri female pictured below. These puppies will be lovely puppies on the smaller end of the breed standard with an anticipated 22 to 30 lbs adult weight. 

This litter and ALL of our dogs are tested and completely clear of the newly discovered Neuroaxonal Dystrophy. This means that none of our dogs will produce puppies that will develop this deadly and devastating neurologic disease that we have discovered is much more common in this breed than was ever thought. 

Miniature American Shepherds were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2015 and were formerly known as Miniature Australian Shepherds.

My goal is to breed Miniature American Shepherds that can excel both in the performance and conformation ring, as well as be wonderful companions for American families. My Miniature Americans are my babies and live with me in my home as my companions before anything else. They sleep in my bed, go to work with me, and are constantly at my side. They stay with me for life and I enjoy training them in whatever disciplines they enjoy most. They are not dogs that live in a kennel.

As a veterinarian, health is a priority for me in any litter that I breed. My Miniature American Shepherds receive all of the health testing recommended for the Miniature American Shepherd by the Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA's health committee, plus additional tests to ensure that I produce the healthiest puppies possible for the families that trust me to raise their new companion. Every litter of Miniature American Shepherds that I breed is carefully thought out. I look at the health and testing done on both parents, structure, temperaments, show records, and pups that one of both parents have previously produced. The breedings I select are often years in the planning and are done with the goal of improving the Miniature American Shepherd breed as a whole. 

Miniature American Shepherds are a breed that was bred as a herding dog. That makes this breed exceptionally intelligent and energetic! While my Miniature American Shepherds enjoy curling up on the couch with me at the end of the day and snuggling in bed, they also LOVE to work and be active. We regularly start our day with a several mile walk/run and they spend time running the yard while I get ready for work. From there they often join me for a trip to work where they spend the day hanging out with me and the staff at the clinic and even joining me for farm calls occasionally. We spend evenings and weekends working around the farm and working on agility and obedience skills which gives them lots to keep their minds busy and active.


In addition to living an active life style I own just about every food/interactive dog toy they make to keep my Miniature Americans busy. They love working on puzzle toys of all kinds when I am busy at work or need sometime to catch up on emails in the evenings. One thing that I love most about the Miniature American Shepherd breed is their loyalty to their people and families. They are truly a wonderful breed that loves to work and please those that love them. 

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