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About Us and Our Puppies

Me and a "Mini" Patient

I am a veterinarian practicing in Northwest Ohio. Everyday is an adventure seeing horses, cats, dogs, and the occasional farm animals. I love my job almost as much as I love my dogs. 


I always dreamed of owning Australian Shepherds as a child and one summer in veterinary school while on an externship with a veterinarian in Pennsylvania, I fell in love with her Miniature American Shepherd. It didn't take long before I had my first Miniature American and from that point on I was hooked on this breed of little dynamos.

"As a Veterinarian my goal is to breed healthy and happy Miniature American Shepherd pups that have a wonderful temperament and place them in great homes for life. In my daily practice I see dogs that struggle with health and behavior issues that take an emotional and financial toll on their owners. I am passionate about placing healthy puppies with a great temperament in wonderful homes. My care for these pups does not stop when they leave my home. I provide support to owners for the life of the pup."

About our puppies and how we raise them....

I goal is always healthy and happy puppies with wonderful temperaments and for that reason I use the Puppy Culture Program and put a huge emphasis on socialization. All litters are raised in my home with me where they can be exposed to daily life from day one. I work with each and every puppy from birth providing neurological stimulation daily. Below is a schedule of puppy life from birth to 8 weeks...

Week 1-2: Pups are safe and warm with mom in a whelping box in my home.


Week 3-4: Depending on how playful and curious pups are sometime between weeks 3-4 their whelping box is expanded to include a play area which includes a variety of toys and stimuli including boxes and crates. Crates and boxes allow pups to get comfortable sleeping in smaller spaces life the crate they will likely sleep in in their new homes. At this time pups also start to eat mash which is the beginning of their transition to real food. I start working on potty training at 3-4 weeks.

Week 5-6: Pups start to meet some of my trusted friends so they are exposed to a variety of people. These are people I trust to not bring in any diseases that could potentially harm pups. I also start sending out individual pictures and videos of pups along with descriptions of each pup's personality as it develops. By this time pups are starting to eat softened kibble and canned puppy food.

Week 7-8: This is the age when pups undergo temperament testing and conformation evaluations which helps to determine which pups are show/breed prospects versus companion/pet as well as what each puppies level of drive is so that I see pups are placed in the right home for their activity level. At 7 weeks old we allow families to visit their puppies if they are able and at 8 weeks old pups begin to leave for their new homes.

All of our Miniature American Shepherd puppies are evaluated for both temperament and structure. Evaluating a puppy's structure allows us to determine which pups would potentially excel as breeding/show animals. Evaluating our puppies' temperaments allows us to ensure that the pup's personality if a great fit for their future family and the goals that family has for their companion.  

All of our pups are sold on spay/neuter contracts unless other arrangements are made. All pups are up to date on vaccines and deworming when they go to their new homes and go with health certificates and  health guarantees. I love every pup that I breed and require that if a family I place a pup with can no longer keep that pup for any reason, that the pup come back to me so I can ensure it is properly cared for and placed in a loving home for life even if that means the pup lives out its life with me. That is the promise I make to every pup that I breed.

None of my Miniature American Shepherd puppies are EVER  sold to pet stores, puppy mills, or brokers of any kind. All of our pups go from us to their permanent homes.

Our prices  are based on quality of pups, not color or sex. Prices do NOT include shipping although shipping can be arranged if pick up by the owner is not possible.  Prices for companion pups are $2000. Show/Breed pups are priced on a case by case basis. Pups are reserved with a deposit of $500.00 which is refundable up until 7 weeks when puppy picks are finalized. If an owner changes their mind about wanting the pup that they agreed to take anytime after the pup is 7 weeks old the $500 deposit is not refundable. If a pup is returned to us as required by our contract, any refund that might be due is handled on a strictly case by case basis. No refund is guaranteed.

All pups are sent to their new homes with a health guarantee, veterinary health certificate, health record, toys that they have been playing with, a towel or blanket with the scent of their siblings on it, treats, microchip and prepaid registration, appropriate vaccinations and deworming, 2 negative fecal exams, and a bag of starter puppy food that the puppies have been eating. 

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